FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Interim Meeting Report

FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Interim Meeting Report

FIDEM interim meeting 2019 was held on October 22nd-24th 2019.FIDEM JAPAN Association invited FIDEM Executive Committee members, Delegates, Vice-Delegates and their partners to Tokyo.

Members from overseas who participated in the interim meeting included Philip Attwood (Great Britain), president of FIDEM, Henrik von Achen (Norway), Mikko Timisjarvi (Finland), Marie-Astrid Pelsdonk (Netherlands), James Malone Beach (United States), Christine Massey (New Zealand), Maria Rosa Figueiredo (Portugal), Hanna Jelonek (Poland), Susan Taylor (Canada), Douglas Taylor (Canada), Ana Pereira (Portugal), Martin Hirsch (Germany).

The Japanese Members who participated were FIDEM JAPAN representatives Masaharu Kakitsubo, Toshiaki Yamada, Nobuko Koinumaru (secretariat), and members of the FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Executive Committee, which is centred on Japan Art Medal Association members.

FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Interim Meeting Schedule

DAY1 Tue 22nd October
Arrival day

Welcome reception
Organizer: FIDEM JAPAN Association

First of all, on the evening of the first day, a welcome reception was held in the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. Among the attendees were directors of JAMA, a Board Member of the JAPAN MINT, a Professor at the University of Tsukuba, the Director of the Accessory Museum, and many key individuals.

The surroundings were gorgeous and the atmosphere at the reception was fun. This reception in an historic Japanese venue gave an exciting foretaste of next year’s FIDEM TOKYO 2020.

DAY2 Wed 23rd October

FIDEM TOKYO 2020 facility visit -1
“Hyakudan Kaidan” venue inspection

On the morning of the second day, we visited the “Hyakudan Kaidan”, the venue for the 2020 medal exhibition. This venue is an example of old Japanese architecture. The building is unique, with each room having its own character. It has the feel of a museum. There was an explanation from Hotel Gajoen staff, and opinions were exchanged on how best to exhibit the medals next year.

Visit to the JAPAN MINT’s Saitama Branch
Factory tour and Museum tour
FIDEM Meeting

We had lunch at the hotel and then moved by bus to the Japan Mint’s Saitama Branch in Saitama Prefecture.

This was an official visit to the Mint. Some of us were interviewed by a local newspaper. We had a tour of the factory and visited the mint museum.

The FIDEM Executive Committee, Consultative Committee and Delegates’ meeting was held in the Mint’s meeting room. During the meeting, JAPAN MINT gave us a presentation on their plans for the FIDEM 2020 commemorative medal.

After that, we went back to Tokyo, where we enjoyed an authentic Japanese dinner and chatted.

DAY3 Thu 24th October

FIDEM TOKYO 2020 facility visit -2
Visit to the rooms in the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo to be used for FIDEM TOKYO 2020

On the third day, we toured various rooms in the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, the venue for the World Medal Congress. As the rooms will be used for different purposes, the tour included checking the location and facilities of each room and the provision of tables and chairs.

Lecture by FIDEM president, Philip Attwood, to high school students and FIDEM represntatives (presentation in English)

After that, we moved to the nearby Bunkyo campus of the University of Tsukuba, where presentations were given in English by teachers and students from the University of Tsukuba.

Judo sacred place

We then moved to “Kodokan”, the holy land for JUDO players. We had a tour of “Kodokan”, including an exhibition of Judo Master “Jigoro Kano” and a visit to the JUDO “Dojo”.

Grand dinner

Finally, we moved to the “Artist Cafe” restaurant in the Tokyo Dome Hotel.
We enjoyed the closing dinner with great food and a superb night view over the city.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the interim meeting.

We, the FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Executive Committee, are preparing for the XXXVI FIDEM CONGRESS and FIDEM International Contemporary Art Medal Exhibition.

We look forward to seeing many FIDEM members in the fall of 2020.
See you in Tokyo!

FIDEM International Contemporary Art Medal Exhibition

Executive committee FIDEM TOKYO 2020
FIDEM JAPAN Association

Director FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Chairman
Masaharu Kakitsubo

Management Director
FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Producer
Toshiaki Yamada

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FIDEM TOKYO 2020 Interim Meeting Schedule

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