About Exhibition

We decided on" Hyakudan Kaidan" for venue of Exhibition

A museum in the Gajoen. "Hyakudan" means 100steps, "Kaidan" means stairs.
It is a historical building well known as a cultural asset of Tokyo. A lot of people visit it every day.
We will display your works in a historical building in Japan.

There is no theme

Regarding the FIDEM medal in Tokyo in 2020, there is no theme.

Since FIDEM (FIDEM TOKYO 2020) will be held for the first time in Asia, we would like to introduce various art medals to Japan and other countries.

Before joining, be sure to follow the rules of your country's Fine Arts Medal Association in order to apply for the "FIDEM International Contemporary Art Medal Exhibition".

It is a medal for participation, but please send it to arrive in Japan by the end of February 2020.
The maximum dimension of one medal is 150 × 150 × 150 mm.

Currently, FIDEM JAPAN allocates the number of exhibits in each country.

Please wait.
Soon we will provide more information for participation.